Вадим Гущин: официальный сайт художника


 01.06 - 21.07.2012 "Kulturelle Schaetze"  Stadtbibliotek, Brunswick, Germany.
The exhibition of the Russian photographer Vadim Gushchin at the public library shows various series on the topic of books he has created over the last 10 years. The book is not only understood as a literary object, but rather as a comprehensive cultural symbol.
The early black and white photographs...
16.03 - 25.03.2012 FOTOFEST 2012 Houston USA
The picture "Colored envelops #3" participated in the "Fine Print Auction".
9 photos from diffrent series 2000 - 2010 have been exhibited in the exhebition "Perestroyka" in Spring Street Studio, one of the 4 main exhibitions of program " Contemporary Russian Photography"....
24.11. 2011 — 24.01.2012 Exhibition «Cultural Treasures». Gallery «Glaz», Moscow.
Photography is the royal road into perspective-unconscious. That is, more or less, what Benjamin wrote about in “A Short History of Photography”. His idea became the principle of development of modernity in this art form. Vadim Gushchin subjects it to scrupulous analysis. In the new project “Cultura...