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15.11-20.12 2012, "Artifices", Group-exhibit in the  "Beckel-Odille-Boicos"Gallery, Paris, France
15.11-20.12 2012, "Artifices", Group-exhibit in the  "Beckel-Odille-Boicos"Gallery, Paris, France
03-07.10.2012 Art-fair «Fotofever», Stand  Beckell-Odile Boicos Gallery, Tour&Taxis, Brussels, Belgium
Art-fair «Fotofever», Stand  Beckell-Odile Boicos Gallery, Tour&Taxis, Brussels, Belgium
07.09 - 20.10.2012 "Cultural Treasures" Jennifer Norback Fine Art Gallery, Chicago, USA
Vadim Gushchin 's elegant photographs pay homage to the dignity and richness everyday objects both in their very materials and in their roles as repositories of a collective culture. In the tradition of Russian supremacism his compositions are reduced to their most essential aspects of geometric...