Вадим Гущин: официальный сайт художника


09.11 - 01.12.2013 "Vadim Guschin. Passed." Bratislava, Slovakia.

09.11 - 01.12.2013 "Vadim Guschin. Passed." Bratislava, Slovakia. The exhibition consists of black and white silver prints of photographs from the series of late 1990-2010. It is covered period of art by Gushchin. Covered means passed, past and perfect times and conditions of product. Taking objects from their physical space, Vadim Gushchin transforms them and returns them to the viewer in a new context. Est Objectum. Artist places his objects in an non-situational space of «never and nowhere». By counterpoising image and reality the photographer transforms space and our existential idea of being. The counterpoint that Gushchin sets up between tactile and abstract realities takes the viewer into the realm of eighteen-century philosophy when it was not possible to conceive that the photographic image could exist apart from human imagination. At the time, painting, especially that of Jean-Baptiste Simeon Chardin, was considered to be the response of an artist's intuitive perception to the philosophical idea of cognitively representing universal lows. Later on, photography came to question and redefine the relationship between physical reality and visual imitation or representation. Approaching objects as a philosopher, Gushchin portrays his objects in highly refined tonalities. He replaces black with dark-gray white with tones that are mild, light-gray so tonal qualities of his work are sensual and sensitive, even as they maintain the tangible presence of the physical object. Gushchin's fine art prints relate not only the existence of a physical object but also to the very nature or concept of photography itself and its relationship to a rigorous purity of aesthetic form. Within old gothic chapel the collection of pure photographs is a gesture of discover of the pure idea of the object from their covered by material world envelope.
Irina Tchmyreva