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10.09 - 29.09.2013 "Object. Function. Image."The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, Moscow.

10.09 - 29.09.2013 "Object. Function. Image."The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, Moscow. in the parallel program of the 5-th  Moscow Biennial of Contemporary Art

The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography presents Vadim Gushchin’s solo exhibition Object. Function. Image. This long-awaited project will fill the main halls of the The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography with the selection of more than eighty photographic works created over the last two decades.
Vadim Gushchin’s invariable focus is the object and its bond with contemporaneity, history and culture. Within the frame of still-life genre the photographer developed unique recognizable style which is characterized by accuracy and conciseness. By meticulously examining the potential of the visual per se, Gushchin has created a genuine “saga of the object”, a philosophical register of the things related surroundings, a kind of post “poetic catalogue” of objects, which is in fact speculation about time and person.
Object. Function. Image. exhibition brings together series the author began to work at in the early 2000s. Each series focuses on one everyday object, plain in form and function. Be it a sheet of paper, book, carton box, sealed envelope, knife, plastic cup, jacket or can.
One of Gushchin’s key artistic devices is alienation, i.e. placing object beyond its usual context. By doing so, the artist raises the object above itself and thus turns it into a symbol. Object outgrows its habitual function acquiring a new one. And this new function inevitably affects its image.
The exhibition features both early black-and-white and recent colour photographs. The former emphasize the form of an object: the shelf the object resides on works as a pedestal while the object itself acquires monumental and lapidary character (i.e. series Library (2000); Dishes (2003), Manuscripts (2008), etc.). The latter are taken otherwise - from high camera angle, adding the features of object landscapes to still-lifes. Colour gains special significance in these works by evoking certain cultural associations and correlating with various physiological states. For instance, in Coloured Envelopes series (2010) envelope colours – red, violet, brown – clearly stand for various physiological states of a person.
Vadim Gushchin’s photographic language is akin to minimalism and Russian avant-garde tradition, suprematism. Aesthetically, Gushchin “follows Kazimir Malevich in his pure forms manifestation”, - states art critic M. Sidlin in the foreword to the recently published in Holland Gushchin’s photo album Everyday Objects / Cultural Treasures. However, photography, unlike painting, deals with concrete objects. And this subtle border between abstract, two-dimensional and symbolic, on the one hand, and concrete, individual, striving for the ideal, on the other hand, brings about intriguing and fascinating effect of Vadim Gushchin’s works.  
    As part of the exhibition project the meeting with Vadim Gushchin and Mikhail Sidlin Dialogue between art critic and artist will be held. There is also planned a talk to be given by the publisher Maarten Schilt Where to find a publisher? Maarten Schilt in Moscow, which will include the presentation of Vadim Gushchin’s book published this year by Schilt Publishing.

Curator: Zueva Katerina